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Almost shoeless! My first Vibram FiveFingers

The nice folks at Vibram sent me a pair of FiveFinger Sprints the other day after hearing that I’m doing a story on barefoot running. I haven’t tried them out yet (rain! work! laziness!), but when I do I promise to give it to you straight. How weird do they feel? How is running different in FiveFingers vs. my cushy Asics? Will I get used to the toes? Will passers-by point and laugh? Will my husband cross the street? We shall see.

My story on barefoot running will be in The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday, Oct. 20, in the GuideLive section. Stories on this latest wave of the barefoot fascination have been written this year, and this one isn’t any more focused than that. It’s a general overview for folks who are like, “Barefoot what? Why?” I’ll post it here when it’s ready.