Wanted: Free (good) running tracker

I’ve got a status update on Facebook asking for suggestions because I start my first official run of my 15K training tomorrow! I registered for Runner’s World’s training log, but I’m not entirely sure what I think of it.

My old soccer captain Kelly Spurlock has suggested MapMyRun.com. Any others?

Actually, today started the training-proper. It was a strengthen and stretch day, DIY-style: 3×20 crunches, 3×10 push-ups, 3×12 squats and some yoga-ish sprawling, reaching and splaying. Felt nice.

I ran 8 miles and it wasn’t even that traumatic

I ran the 8 miles Saturday without dislocating a hip or bruising a toenail. Actually, I didn’t even once turn on my mp3 player that I brought along and thought I’d desperately need to survive. As much as I was dreading the task, it actually was waaaay less traumatizing as I made it out to be. Nice thing is, after next weekend’s 10-mile run, 8 miles will seem like a breeeeeze.

Time: 1:23:30