My first social run

RunOn in Dallas holds group runs every Wednesday evening, so guess where I went tonight? Best part of all: When I told Brian about it the other day, he said he wanted to do it with me. And he did! Everyone’s at different paces, of course, but everyone was cool as cucumbers, laid-back and friendly. A 19-year-old SMU student who works at the store stuck with us the whole four miles. Alex, I think was his name. So adorable! I wanted to put him in my pocket and adopt him as my little brother! He’s from Colorado and is studying computer programming. We talked and talked and talked. Bless his heart, he said he had no idea Dallas people, namely of the SMU variety, were so “um, formal” in the way they dressed — a mannerly way of saying “new-money pretentious,” heh. Nicest kid I’ve been around in a while. Brian and I are definitely buying our next pair of shoes from him (sorry, Luke’s).

Strep is gone and I’m back in the game, haaay!

Ok, strep is over and gone and I’m back. Went running on the Katy Trail after work today, four miles, about 43 minutes.

It’s time for new shoes. My knees were rubbing together, so I looked down and saw that my shoes weren’t holding me in correct alignment anymore. This time: NO PASTEL COLORED RUNNING SHOES. They’ve served me well but wow, they’re boring.

I emailed Brian and showed him the link to RunOn‘s social runs and said I’d like to do the one on Wednesday night. I was soooo flummoxed and happy when he called and said he’d like to come up and do it, too. Drive to Dallas on a Wednesday night! To run!

Brian, if you’re reading this: You made me very giddy today.

Strep can really ruin a good run

Well. Bought a new running outfit, socks, a honey pack and everything and I come down with strep throat. So, no Camper Scamper for me in the morning. The doctor said I could run if I felt like it, but yeah. Don’t feel like it. My froat huhhhhhts.

Brian was going to run the 5K and me the 10K. He’s already started looking up races we can do to make up for it, which was sweeet. And sweet in my book = hawt. Haaaay.