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Must run 8 miles, must run 8 miles …

It’s Saturday, time to make up the 8 miles I didn’t run last Saturday. Which means I HAVE to run them today. I prepared by eating a bowl of oatmeal and rice crackers and drinking a cup of decaf green tea and a glass of water. Now I’m just waiting for digestion, and I’ll be on my way. Yep. onnnnn. myyyy. wayyyyy.

I do want to run the 8 miles, if only to get the freaking monkey off my back and to pat myself of the head (and to not keel over in bodily shock in Austin). But I mean gah, I’m on my period, so I feel like I’m carrying a gallon of water in my abdomen. And the clothes in the basket over there need folding. And there’s a chili cook-off going on in town as I write (with a barn dance later; too bad I’ll be in booooooring Arlington by then).

So yep. Must run the 8 miles, must run 8 miles.

Oh … I have a Timex Expedition and have no idea how to set it for splits, by, like, making it beep every 4 and 1 minute. It’s like the one in the picture, but not as cool. I downloaded the instrux manual, but I swear they were written by someone with English as a sixth language. Can anyone give me a clue? Thanks.

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  1. C, you must read my similiar blog. Must eat 1 pint of ice cream, must eat 1 pint of ice cream. I’m glad you are back on the saddle again with these blogs. My saddle was getting lonely.