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I want to train for the Rockledge Rumble 15K

Ok, so I’ve already found the race I want to work toward. The Rockledge Rumble in November, the 15K leg. This would mean I actually need to hit the trails more often than I do. That’s nice I have a race, but I need a training plan for it. Hmm. It’ll be my first official trail running race, so I guess I better look into that.

Gah, I wish training on trails around here wasn’t all inconvenient and stuff. In this area anyway. There’s what, Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Ridge Preserve. There’s Grapevine Lake, but as far as it is, I might as well drive to Lake Texoma and train on Cross Timbers. What else am I missing? I guess I could just check the North Texas Trail Runners Association website. Whatever, it’s bedtime. The Rockledge is in Grapevine, so I might as well make the haul now and again to get more familiar with it.

I’ve been lusting for a run through the still-untamed Trinity River area of Dallas lately, though. It won’t be untamed for much longer, and I want to hit those dirt trails I see as I drive over it into downtown Dallas before it they start building cutesie boat launches and designer bridges and Segway-rental booths or whatever and it gets all Central Park-y. BUT … I’m a chick, and there are drunk homeless folk and highwaymen lurking AND MY BIG STRONG FIANCE WON’T GO WITH ME. I’m about to just take me and my pepper spray on out there and cross my fingers while I run. If you see me running out there, please don’t rape me. Plzkthanks.

I just ran into a new blog. I don’t know the dude from beans, but I found it through clicking here and there from the NTTRA website. It’s like mine, except it’s fancier and he actually runs in gigantor-distance races. I also like that he has posts that say “well, didn’t do anything this week,” like me. Yay! There’s hope for me yet.

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  1. that last comment was nothing. i am practicing. i did not remember how to leave a comment. i am sure you are glad i told you that…..anyway

    you can barro-eeee one of my pieces…..two are displayed on my MS ; ) or i am fixin to buy a 40 cal or 9mm if you would like to go and pick out yous