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Recent sights, sounds and happenings on the Katy Trail

Brian and I are on our second-to-last week of official 5K training. But we’re tagging on a couple of more weeks to get down running the whole thing without stopping.

I think we’re there, but Brian’s adorable at scamming me into having us stop when he’s perfectly spry enough to keep going. Like today, he started futzing with his new mp3 player I got him for his birthday (Metallica makes him run faster). At the perfect 1.5 mile mark, he stops and literally fumbles and bumbles and boobs with his player like he can’t find the volume, and oh no, now it’s locked — Christy, how do I get this unlocked? I thought I saw you adjusting it the other day — you don’t remember how? Show me how.

I gave up trying to get us to keep going and realized what it was: a breather. He can fake-futz now … but those tagged-on extra two weeks of training? A no-futz zone.

Recent sights: A fat, very domesticated cat sauntering onto the trail, plopping in the middle of it, and lying belly-up for rubz. From anybody. As if there weren’t racing bicycles and roller blades whizzing by. I was like, Dumb cat. You obviously have no sense of self-preservation; go home. … After I spent five minutes on the ground giving him rubz.

Recent/all-the-time-smells: I know nature means small animals die. And that nature lines the trail. I’m just saying … the smell of dead birds or squirrels or whatever seem so much more horrid on the Katy than on any actual trail-trail (non-concrete) I’ve exhaled on. Grosssss.

Recent feels: Despite today’s futzing episode, Brian and I did well on our 3-miler. Maybe what helped was that The Nothing was rolling in from the West, which dropped temperatures and gave us a little rain during the run. The fact it looked like it was about to open up a torrent on us put a spring in our step, too. I love running in the rain, even if we only got sprinkles at the time of the run.

Cool report: Brian saw an old TCA-mate of ours on Facebook say that she signed up her and her husband for a half-marathon. I teased him about the grin on his face and said that he’s smiling because he knows that it doesn’t sound as crazy as it did just a few weeks ago. Maybe it doesn’t sound completely un-crazy, but less crazy. He did the “pshhh whatever” thing.

Later, he mentioned that maybe just maybe we could try to run from one end of the Katy to the other at some point. That’s around 7 miles. Haaaaay! Bodes well for our runny future ; )

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  1. I wasn't futzing!!! is that even a word? we have done good on the running and yes Metallica helps me……