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How to run in Dallas’ heat and not die

Here’s my Dallas Morning News story about exercising in the heat. This story from last year, July 2010, but I forgot to pimp it here. Some self-promoter I am. It’s hotter’n a son of a gun this summer, though, so the story is actually more relevant now than last year.

Don’t like reading? Cliff Notes version: If you can’t beat it, join it. Traditional reason that warns to stay indoors during extreme summer temps is a bunch of hoo-hah. Just be careful is all. I’d much rather be running in the super-hot than in the super-cold, any day. I am from Texas, after all, and while it’s hotter than normal this summer, we’re still no strangers to sweating around here.

I like the answer one expert gave a TV news head in an interview the other day. When asked what the difference is between the Texas heat today and the heat from, say, a hundred years ago, he replied, “We, um, have higher requirements today.” Today we need AC and iced tea for our delicate 21st century selves, haha.

The Dallas Morning News | Fitness | How to acclimatize to the heat by Christy Robinson

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