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What’s your course type?

This post on Dallas Morning News’ running blog by Spareribs LaMothe might have just changed my mind about out-and-backs as my least-favorite course type. Maybe.

He lists four great reasons to like race courses that whip you from point A to point B and back (they’re really two or three reasons spread into four), as opposed to point-to-point or even loops:

Celebration! White Rock 5K had an out-and-back course

My husband, Brian Peters; my running buddy/good friend/KERA education reporter Stella Chavez; and me at the 2014 Celebration! White Rock 5K.

  • You can see who’s ahead of you
  • You can see who’s behind you
  • You know what the terrain will be like during your second half
  • You can cheer your friends, whether they’re in front of your or behind

The recent Celebration! White Rock 5K earlier this month was out-and-back, and I did like knowing what to expect and seeing my running buddies.

Still, when training on my own, my favorite route is point-to-point. I’m lucky; I have a supportive husband who will come to get me at the end of my run, wherever I’ve landed.

Love you, Brian : )

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