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Lily Trotters compression socks review: great performance (and cute)

I rarely wear socks when I run, but I love socks. For years I’ve bought a new pair of great ankle socks before every 5K, just because. A couple of years ago I asked my family to give me nothing but fun, zany knee-highs.

So when I got an email from Lily Trotters offering to send me a pair of their proprietary 100% micro nylon weave compression socks to try, I thought, Sure, that’d be great. Then I saw that they were zany compression socks. Yes please!

I understand three things about compression socks:
• Traditionally, they are boring to look at.
• Some people, including long-distance runners, really rely on compression socks.
• At races, the compression socks I see tend to be really race-y looking: neon solids or black, and all business. Great for races, but maybe not so great in a non-running context.

So basically, everything I knew was from an indirect, observational point of view. Then I put on my polka dot knee-high Lily Trotters.

Lily Trotters compression socks

A little cray for my typical running look, but not bad.

First I wore them around the house for a few hours. They went on easy enough, then, girl — they held me tight, but comfortably so. I have to say, the material felt especially quality.

Remember when I said I asked my family to gift me with weird socks? That made me sound more personally interesting than I actually am. Normally I only wear knee-high socks in fall and winter, underneath pants and boots. Sometimes part of a colorful little stripe will peek out beneath a trouser hem if I happen to be wearing them with a low-top shoe. So crazy!

So, wearing hot pink and neon-green polka dot compression knee-highs, with the tiniest pink ruffle at the top, while wearing running shorts, was quite a first for me.

Know what? They functioned really well. I typically don’t need to wear compression socks while running, but they felt really good, as good as any high-performance sock I’ve bought for running.

Also, something I didn’t expect: My feet were just about daisy fresh after wearing them all day. I took a look at the materials, and it ends up that the socks are not just moisture-wicking, but they’re also antimicrobial.

There are women who deal with deep vein thrombosis, who sit at a desk all day, who chase kids, who travel a lot, or who just like a good pair of supportive socks. I can imagine those women would be tired of the same clinical-looking, medically-necessary aesthetic when going for a purchase.

Well, my pair is darn cute — and I’ve seen enough running skirts at races to know that cute is a big factor for some of you beastly lady runners when deciding what to buy. The creators say these socks are built strong enough for ultras, but they’re thin and cute enough to wear in a non-athletic context, too.

Lily Trotters launched a Kickstarter this morning (Tuesday 7/14). If you’re into compression socks and are tired of the same predictable colors and lack of patterns, keep up over at The plan is for them to come in five designs with various color options. They’re also sourced and made right here in the U.S. of A.

Lily Trotters compression socks

Le sock options.

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