Just hearing about ultra long-distance races is inspiring

Yes yes yes I’ve been running. Some. And lifting. I need an actual race to focus my efforts on. If I’m just running to run, then … well, that’s not so bad. But it’s easier to structure my running life if I have an actual, tangible reason.

So, I’m working on that. I saw photos from a recent local (actually, Lake Texoma, I think) trail race. The race distances were from 5K to 50 miles — HELLO! How awesome is THAT? Some folks looked like machines, sure, but most were either older (an older machine is still a machine, but still) or had physiques that were, how do you say, not Olympian. Which was totally inspiring. That says to me, If regular folks are doing this, then what in the world am I doing? I just have to remember that what gave me the running itch to begin with were the crazy-distance trail runs like that one.

However, got to get a few long-distance road races under my belt first.

Ok, I’ve decided that until I nail down an actual race for myself, 20 miles a week is my minimum. I could very well find a race in a couple of days, which would make my plan have to change altogether, but that’s ok. To keep me motivated, I need some structure in the meanwhile.

Tonight’s numbers: 6 miles in about 65 minutes. Treadmill. Half a powerbar gel.

Strep can really ruin a good run

Well. Bought a new running outfit, socks, a honey pack and everything and I come down with strep throat. So, no Camper Scamper for me in the morning. The doctor said I could run if I felt like it, but yeah. Don’t feel like it. My froat huhhhhhts.

Brian was going to run the 5K and me the 10K. He’s already started looking up races we can do to make up for it, which was sweeet. And sweet in my book = hawt. Haaaay.