Nike fall shoe and apparel lines in Boston

This girl loves shoes [the kind that RUNNN!], so I’m excited about heading to Boston this Saturday through Monday to check out a bunch. Nike’s fall shoe and apparel preview for media types is happening Boston Marathon weekend, so I’m also hoping to soak up some sweet, prime runner rays to fuel up my easily-depleted training tank. I’ll take motivation in any form I can get it, and where better than at one of the most high-tone marathons of ever?

I’ll be blogging (or blerging, as my husband calls it), picture-taking and generally acting as if I’ve just been let out of the basement and deposited directly into a world of hydration belts, Vaseline’d feet, high-end sports bras and GPS-enabled heart rate monitor watches. Should be fun.

*Disclaimer: Nike is paying for this trip, not me. It is
not affiliated with The Dallas Morning News. Readers of this blog shouldn’t be surprised if I end up liking some of Nike’s new products, and Nike shouldn’t be surprised if I end up panning some of their products. This blog is a “call-it-as-I-see-it” zone.

Almost shoeless! My first Vibram FiveFingers

The nice folks at Vibram sent me a pair of FiveFinger Sprints the other day after hearing that I’m doing a story on barefoot running. I haven’t tried them out yet (rain! work! laziness!), but when I do I promise to give it to you straight. How weird do they feel? How is running different in FiveFingers vs. my cushy Asics? Will I get used to the toes? Will passers-by point and laugh? Will my husband cross the street? We shall see.

My story on barefoot running will be in The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday, Oct. 20, in the GuideLive section. Stories on this latest wave of the barefoot fascination have been written this year, and this one isn’t any more focused than that. It’s a general overview for folks who are like, “Barefoot what? Why?” I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

Strep is gone and I’m back in the game, haaay!

Ok, strep is over and gone and I’m back. Went running on the Katy Trail after work today, four miles, about 43 minutes.

It’s time for new shoes. My knees were rubbing together, so I looked down and saw that my shoes weren’t holding me in correct alignment anymore. This time: NO PASTEL COLORED RUNNING SHOES. They’ve served me well but wow, they’re boring.

I emailed Brian and showed him the link to RunOn‘s social runs and said I’d like to do the one on Wednesday night. I was soooo flummoxed and happy when he called and said he’d like to come up and do it, too. Drive to Dallas on a Wednesday night! To run!

Brian, if you’re reading this: You made me very giddy today.